My guy Jarret here we organizing new deals, tax season, how’s business.

Antonio Brown
Easley says he learned everything he knows in this realm from his accountant, Jarrett Perry, who frequently gets texts of gratitude from his clients. He gets plenty more messages filled with questions. The NFL season may be long over, but for the CPAs to the stars, this is primetime.
Dominique Easley, Sports Illustrated

This will be a particularly complex tax season, especially for athletes switching teams. How they come out will largely depend on where they play. With the help of CPA to the stars Jarrett Perry, here’s how athletes could be impacted…

Thank you to the number one accounting firm playerperformancefinancial and Jarret for saving me money on my taxes every year.
Martavis Bryant

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PPF Tax Advice
PPF Tax Advice
PPF Tax Advice
PPF Tax Advice

Player Performance First (PPF) is the leading Pro Sports Consulting Firm in the industry. Our team of ambassadors and contractors such as Agents, Accountants and Marketers, will work in collaboration for you. PPF and its partners have the needed relationships to get the contracts you deserve.  The team was assembled with current and former professional athletes, experienced contract negotiators and extensive sports tax knowledge. This team has successfully changed tax history and established new tax law that has saved our clients substantial money. It is critical your team and agent work together to have the correct language in your contract as well as handle the tax related questions, endorsements, unexpected moves and or any other personal issues that may arise.

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“Pro athletes have complex pay from multiple sources with common inaccurate reporting from their employers that requires experienced and specific sports accounting”

Jarrett Perry, CPA to the Stars
Founder and CEO of PPF.

Pro Sports Consulting Services

PPF realizes the reporting complexities associated with being an elite athlete and the vital role all parts play. We work directly with players in the NFL, NBA, MLB, NHL, UFC, USTA, the PGA Tour, and professional Boxing. At Player Performance First we have a diversified team of partners, which includes a team of CPA’s and Accountants, Certified Agents and Lawyers, Marketing ambassadors, Physicians and even movers all trained and experienced with pro athletes situations in mind. The majority of our services are included in the standard agent fee.

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PPF consults and evaluates each player to better understand specifics scenarios and to determine and identify the critical information so we can set up a foundation for success.  We demand the Agent’s and the other team of advisers work together on your behalf. All PPF clients will be provided the right partners and sub-contractors based on their specific need at the standard agent fee percentage.

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