Sports tax accounting for top athletes, players and agents, Player Performance First (PPF) is the leading tax accounting firm in the sports industry. PPF has successfully changed tax history and established new tax law that’s has saved our clients substantial money.

“World class athletes have complex pay from multiple sources with common inaccurate reporting from their employers that requires experienced and specific sports accounting”

Jarrett Perry, Founder and CEO of PPF.

PPF realizes the reporting complexities associated with being an elite athlete and the vital role tax planning plays. We work directly with players and sports agents in the NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, UFC, USTA, the PGA Tour, and professional Boxing.

At Player Performance First we have a diversified staff that includes a team of CPA’s and accountants trained and experienced with the complex pay for athletes. PPF consults and evaluates each player to better understand specifics scenarios and to determine and identify critical information. These services include contracts, endorsements, NFL PA royalties, fines, duty days and residency planning, CBA and sport specific issues, contract review, pre-draft and pre-contract consultation, Duty Day allocations, off-the-field business strategies, career planning and post career counseling/management.